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Welcome to Wood HQ…

After 15 years of Wood Festival, we’ve created this new site as a home for our activities, including both Wood and our new event, Septembersong.

The principles behind Wood are still at the core of what we do: running events in the most sustainable way we can, with great music and a wide range of workshops and activities for all to enjoy. We’re proud that Wood has won the top Greener Festival award as well as awards spanning the age range from both Festival Kids and The Oldie magazine! We do all this with a small but dedicated team, many of whom have been involved in our events for years.

We first got into music festivals 25 years ago, when teenage brothers Robin and Joe Bennett started Truck Festival in Steventon, Oxfordshire with the help of friends and family, and the tagline ‘some bands on a Truck in a field’. These days more than 20,000 go along, and although we no longer run that event, you can still find us at the V&V Stage there in July, hosting both new local bands and a wide variety of quality music.

We started WOOD as a new kind of sustainable festival in 2008 having ‘discovered’ Braziers Park and wanting to do a more family-friendly and eco-friendly event - we were starting to become parents ourselves. Joe and Robin’s wives, Claire and Megan, respectively, have been involved in WOOD since the start, and brought new elements to the fore, such as creative workshops and a fully-programmed kids’ tent.  WOOD, our celebration of music and nature is still going strong at our special location, Braziers Park. 

We’ve always wanted to create community through our musical events; over the years we have run several other festivals and concerts - including HARVEST and OX4 in East Oxford, and even Truck America in upstate New York in 2010! 

This has led us to create a new event bookending the summer, SEPTEMBERSONG, also at Braziers Park, in that peaceful late-summer time before autumn sets in. A special shout-out to our ‘Bookenders’, who have bought a ticket covering both events and provided us with invaluable support, and also to all those who come to the inaugural event last September.

We hope you can join us at one of our events and be a part of our mission to connect with nature and build community through music and the arts. 

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